Screening room rentals

The Cinémathèque suisse rents out, on request, the Cinématographe cinema (102 seats) at the Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne. The Capitole cinema, located at Avenue du Théâtre 6 in Lausanne, is currently closed for renovation. Its rooms will be available for rental again from 2024.

Renting a room for private or school screenings

The Cinématographe cinema is available for rental outside of operating hours, only for private or school screenings which do not charge admission. If you do not provide the projection medium yourself, you can combine a rental request with a request for a projection copy from the Cinémathèque suisse collections (subject to availability).

Renting a room for a public screening

The rental of a room for a public screening is subject to the submission of a partnership application. The Cinémathèque suisse reserves the right to refuse any request.

© Daniel Wohlschlag
The Cinématographe cinema © Daniel Wohlschlag