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The Cinémathèque suisse makes available a selection of films for which it acquires the Swiss and sometimes international rights, intended for cinemas, film clubs, festivals and other cultural associations. These are heritage or contemporary films, co-produced or awarded in Switzerland, which enrich the collection. The synopses are only available in French and German.

The complete catalogue

The films listed below are available for distribution in DCP or other digital formats. Each listing contains useful information, digital promotional material and indicates the media and versions available. Any film reservation redirects to our request management platform which allows cinema managers and associations to order films from the Cinémathèque suisse catalogue. Prices can be found here.

The Cinémathèque suisse on tour

In association with cinemas and institutions in French-speaking Switzerland, the Cinémathèque suisse offers programmes of films from its collections outside its walls. These seasonal collaborations allow the public to watch or rewatch heritage films - most of them in restored versions - and award-winning contemporary films. These selections are shown once a month in various cinemas in French-speaking Switzerland.

169 films

New Film

Až přijde kocour

Un jour, un chat

Tchécoslovaquie 1963 104'
By Vojtěch Jasný
Starring Emília Vášáryová, Jan Werich, Vlastimil Brodský
Medium Czech s-t. FR , Czech s-t. DE , Czech s-t. IT , Czech s-t. EN
Genre Comedy
New Film

Le Mura di Bergamo

Les Murs de Bergame

Italy 2022 137'
By Stefano Savona
Medium Italian ,
Genre Documentary
New Film

Leonora Addio

Italy 2022 90'
By Paolo Taviani
Starring Fabrizio Ferracane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino, Dora Becker, Claudio Bigagli
Medium Italian - English s-t. FR , Italian - English s-t. IT , Italian - English s-t. DE
Genre Drama
New Film

Mes petites amoureuses

France 1974 120'
By Jean Eustache
Starring Martin Loeb, Ingrid Caven, Jacqueline Dufranne, Henri Martinez, Maurice Pialat, Pierre Edelman
Medium French s-t. DE
Genre Drama
New Film

Piccolo Corpo

Italy, Slovenia, France 2021 89'
By Laura Samani
Starring Céleste Cescutti, Ondina Quadri
Medium Italian s-t. FR , Italian s-t. DE , Italian s-t. IT
Genre Drama
New Film

Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe

Roméo et Juliette au village

Switzerland 1941 105'
By Valérian Schmidely, Hans Trommer
Starring Margrit Winter, Erwin Kohlund, Johannes Steiner
Medium Schweizerdeutsch s-t. DE , Schweizerdeutsch s-t. FR , Schweizerdeutsch s-t. EN ,
Genre Drama

Adieu Philippine

France, Italy 1962 106'
By Jacques Rozier
Starring Jean-Claude Aimini, Daniel Descamps, Stefania Sabatini
Medium French


France 2019 135'
By Sébastien Lifshitz
Medium French , French s-t. DE
Genre Documentary

Adults in the Room

France, Greece 2019 124'
By Costa-Gavras
Starring Chrístos Loúlis, Aléxandros Bourdoúmis, Ulrich Tukur, Daan Schuurmans
Medium Greek - English - French s-t. FR - DE , Greek - English - French s-t. IT
Genre Drama
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